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You + Me = We

Welcome to Wellness Wednesdays! Time we establish a virtual ritual or two, so we can build on this beautiful blog in service to you.

Lately, my son is obsessed with math.  “Mom, what is 45+150?” or “What is 200+450?”  It got me thinking about this whole health thing and how it all adds up.

My magic formula as of late is simple. Simple, yet powerful. It looks like this You + Me = We.

Pure empowerment when it comes to your well-being is most important. Surrounding yourself with the right people to support your health and wellness goals is a close second. You + Me = We brings you what you need to flourish and have fun along the way.

Together on this day WE kick off the WE Campaign. Wellness Wednesdays are weekly posts that I promise you are never weird unless I simply need to go there that day. Think of pure inspiration and motivation to assist you in your evolution of personal growth and success.


Morning Ritual

Those first precious moments of the day set the tone for what’s to come. I’ve tried various rituals to get me going and the ones that stuck are sunrise yoga (2-3 times/week), meditation and lemon water.

Last year I took Nutrition Certification through Vera Whole Health and dove into the world of food. I will never forget my teacher, the amazing Jamie Hall, saying to us “if there is only one change you make I suggest it be lemon water first thing in the morning.”  Why is lemon water the holy grail?

There are many benefits and here are just a few: boosts immune system, supports digestion, reduces inflammation, great for your skin and energizes you. Suggested powerhouse additions: apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper or Cell Food supplement.

Apple cider vinegar is effective on so many levels it deserves its own post (be on the lookout!). Throw in cayenne pepper and kick start your daily detox.  Sometimes I add Cell Food with trace minerals, plant source amino acids and enzymes for that extra zing.

Drink with a straw if your teeth enamel is a concern, too. We don’t want to mess with those pearly whites.

Try it.  You’ll like it.  You’re welcome.

My Goal for 2014: Believe

Hello loved ones! Welcome to my blog and this post is most exciting for reasons that one, its the first and two, I am finally putting myself out in the world!

My journey has been one of ups and downs, twists and turns that have beautifully brought me full circle to where I am right now. In this moment. Bursting to come out and shine. This is the year I BELIEVE I am ready to bring forth my purpose and gifts to serve you in the world of wellness.  Giddy up!

For me, I BELIEVE we are put on this planet to evolve and grow elevating energetic vibration into something more light and bright.  High vibes people!  As we search for ways to do things more successfully while feeling better along the way I can promise you this world of wellness looks and means something different to each one of us.  Different and incredibly unique all the way down to the depths of our core.

For some, you BELIEVE you got this whole thang down and more power to you!  For the rest of us we feel stronger, more inspired, more ready for change when we collectively hold ourselves up.  Align yourself with those who are on the path of serious positive change and ba-bam!  You are suddenly moving mountains and manifesting serious mojo that you knew was burning inside ready to come alive.

Join me on this journey if any or all of this rings true for you.  Stick around and do nothing more than looky-loo if you simply wonder ‘now what is Jodi Arnold up to?’  Get ready…health and wellness like you’ve never seen before…this will be one helluva ride…yes, I do BELIEVE.