I’m a wife, mother of two, wellness coach, yoga teacher, spirit junkie living in Seattle, WA.

I began my career in medical sales spending days and nights in clinics/hospitals all throughout the NW. No doubt about it the suffering was crushing my spirit.  I quit, traveled exotic places, tried another gig or two.  Through all the ups and downs, twists and turns, I stumbled upon the path of wellness, yoga and motherhood.  Finally, I found my way home.

Becoming a mother, giving birth, was nothing less than the top-of-the-summit experience that connected me to the depths of my soul.  My curiosity, immense gratitude and holy-mother-of-god appreciation for our bodies escalated to a whole new level.  Couple that with sheer amazement for all we do in our day-to-day lives makes this mission critical to uplift ladies near and far with the intention to bring forth power, peace and greatness that is needed now more than ever.

In this practice I blend together my experience as a mother, my training as a teacher and coach, my love and passion for supporting women on this planet.  Feel lighter, more grounded, renewed.  Let’s surf the waves of life together.  HERE WE GO.


  • Seattle Yoga Arts Teacher Training 200 HR — Seattle, WA
  • Vera Whole Health, Wellness Coach — Children’s Hospital, Seattle
  • Starbucks Java Wellness Center, Wellness Coach—SODO Headquarters, Seattle
  • PEPS (Program for Early Parental Support), Group Leader and Speaker — Seattle, WA
  • Wellness Coaching Certification–Vera Whole Health/Vera University, Seattle
  • Nutrition Certification—Vera Whole Health/Vera University, Seattle
  • Certified Life Architect in Design Psychology—Architect Your Life, Seattle
  • Mastering Change & Loss—Taylor Group, Portland
  • Transformational Speaking—Gail Larsen, Santa Fe