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Sanity Savers

Holy hell are we Fired Up!?!  We have every right to be.  King Orange took over the highest seat in the land threatening our basic human rights or lack thereof, social justice and building a god damn wall (insisting they pay!).

Everywhere I go its mostly all we talk about. We are consumed. Who doesn’t miss social media pics of babies with puppies?  My fave post yesterday was a friend saying she misses when Facebook used to be “entertaining” which lead to a long thread of nothing but political posts.  One comment “Don’t ya love the political posts posted on your post about hating political posts?”

What scares me most is his lack of INTEGRITY.  His narcissistic nature and way of bullying – What Meryl Said.  It’s lacking in our leadership so time to bring it forth in ourselves with a vengeance. Stand up for our families, friends, marginalized communities with a unified voice not giving up until we know we have been heard. Speaking up for ourselves and our bodies. Need I say more?

Stress levels and anxiety are high.  People’s overall mood and spirits quite possibly at an all time low.   Tempting to reach for pills, the bottle or simply stare at screens for endless amount of hours.  No judgment if you do!  Here are a few sanity savers that might help you get through this tumultuous time…

Go out in nature.  Nature reminds us to pause and put into perspective what is most important in life.  If you live in Seattle just walk out your door and enjoy the views.  Step away from it all.  Talk with a therapist!  Just checked in with mine last week and she said this turmoil has them working over time.  Go see a body worker – if you are not exercising this stress out it just sits in your body.  Rolfing, massage, acupuncture, name your treatment and GO FOR IT.

Last but not least, totally free and available anytime, MEDITATE.  Sit in silence, observe your thoughts, breathe.  You will be amazed at how much your stress goes down. Numerous apps and resources, the benefits boundless, no better time than now. If that does not rock your boat and negative thoughts still run rampant try this simple, brilliant trick to turn your frown Upside Down.

I Can’t Do It All

Damn this is a big blow to my EGO.  It feels great to admit although tough to swallow the pill of vulnerability.  You see for so long I found my mojo in everything I accomplished in my personal and professional lives.  I was the queen of getting-it-done then found my world turned upside down once motherhood became my reality.  Let’s get real here people.

Admittedly, I blamed being a mom for not being so productive.  LOVE my kids more than life itself don’t get me wrong, yet motherhood took my identity I was attached to and turned it on its head. No career now what?!  You can call it an identity crisis and now looking back I can’t imagine my life any other way.

When I began this journey I thought I would have everything figured out, dialed in domestically, but I realize now that is a big f-ing lie.  The fact that I feel empowered as a mother to talk openly about our stereotypical expectations is evolution.  Self-care as one of my top priorities is progress.  Engaging with positive, thoughtful, loving parents day in/day out is paramount to me and my family’s well being.  Living with INTENTION a must.

Yet, I struggle even when I put forth so much effort because I want the best for my family as we all do. Knowing my limits I’ve got work to do.  I still sacrifice myself to take care of everyone else.  Often I need to LET GO.  Not everything will be perfect, not everything will be complete.  Sometimes I need to simply remind myself I do a good job.  It might not always be great, but good is good enough.


My entire adult life has been full of doing this/doing that, going here/going there with the underlying subconscious goal to make me feel fulfilled and important. At the end of the day though it was making me feel exhausted and unsatisfied. It felt like I was constantly living outside of myself. WTF?

We call this FOMO: Fear of Missing Out. Many of us suffer from it and now with social media FOMO is on fire. We suffer because we believe we are not enough. We run around in life chasing whatever it maybe to fill the void making us feel we are somebody. Making us feel like we are enough.

Mindfulness is the easiest, cheapest, most amazing way to fill the void. No Mo FOMO!  Think of mindfulness as a way of BEING and PAYING ATTENTION. It truly is that simple. What is most beautiful about this practice is you pay attention in the present moment WITHOUT JUDGMENT. Zero. Zilch. Nada negative. Anything about anyone. Even you.

Check in with yourself periodically throughout the day. Sadness? Maybe. Gratitude? Yep! Envy? Ok fine. We could go on and on. With open arms we welcome it all. Ultimately, mindfulness brings more peace, patience, understanding and joy. Your inner self finds its voice. Finally, he or she can be heard. Holla!

Mindfulness only takes a few minutes a day to practice. Three quick steps: Stop. Breathe. Observe. You can be mindful in your shower, brushing your teeth, washing the dishes, listening to your favorite tunes, etc. It doesn’t have to be formal and traditional with you in lotus pose, burning a candle, chanting to the hindu gods. You don’t even need to be religious or spiritual. Did I mention how amazing it is for stress?

Use your mind in an intentional way and experience life as it unfolds into more conscious living.  Experience a more richer, fuller expression of yourself. One thing to keep in mind the more you do it the more your mind will crave the practice. Guarantee.

Stop. Breathe. Observe.



I Love You(stress)

Yes, I love you! What I don’t love is stress unless it’s EUSTRESS. Euphoria meet stress. Stress meet euphoria. Bring these two together and we’ve got big, blazing, beautiful Eustress.

So why Eustress? What makes it so important?  Feelings of depression disappear with focused energy. Lack of meaning in life turns to fulfillment. Average results explode into peak performance. We’re talking turn on, full on engagement with this one precious thing called LIFE.

Do you feel energized and excitement on a regular basis?  I’m talking more then just the next episode of House of Cards (so good!) or checking your feeds to see how many likes/retweets from your latest post. What I’m talking about are those butterflies. Those nerves that make your heart skip a beat. The fire in your belly ‘cuz something greater is pulling you in a direction of your fullest expression of living.  Your most successful life. Tap into these feelings and you know you’re on the right track.

My inspiration to write about the one and only Ms. Eustress comes from humility and gratitude for the busy-ness since launching S + S. Opportunities are flowing, change is brewing and growth oh beautiful growth you keep me on my toes, too. My intention will be to keep Me and Ms. E great pals, loyal partners, walking hand in hand down this road we call LIFE.

B-fast of Champions

We’ve heard a million times that breakfast is the most important meal. It kick starts the metabolism and boosts our energy, but let me ask if what you eat first thing in the morning is blowing your mind?  I’m talking true kung fu in a bowl that’s bam-shazam delicious.

Ever since I discovered kale my whole world has turn upside down. For reals. We might munch on kale chips, sauté in our stir fry, but why not start the day with our super-food-friend who never lets us down? When I first devoured this dish I’m gonna share with you my body was tingling with joy, my mind was sharp as a knife and my attitude was ready to take on the world. Hai-ya!

Huge props to well-known nutritionist in town, Cynthia Lair, for this recipe. If you don’t know her start following after this post. Warning: her website is kinda cheesy. Nevertheless, she knows her stuff and loves to play, so let her have some fun. The title of this dish is nerdy, too, but once you taste it you won’t care what it’s called. Be Bop what?

More posts coming on creative breakfast ideas that don’t include sugar. I’ve learned if I don’t start with sugar I tend to crave it less throughout the day. Ta da!

Check it out:  BE Bop Breakfast

Why We Are Here

With a title like this you maybe thinking is Jodi going extreme getting all religious? Not a chance. What I will do is tap into something that belongs to each and every one of us. Something so unique and rare that only one exists in this entire world. Your Soul. Your Being. One and only You.

Our lives are consumed as humans: learning, growing, striving, stressing, comparing, numbing, pushing, pulling and any other -ing you can think of. These stem from what some call the monkey mind. Others refer to it as ego. I simply believe it is being human. As a society, this is what we do. For many this is all we know.

The incredible teachers at Vera Whole Health who certified me in Wellness Coaching taught us an eye-opening concept. Modern human existence has been based on Have/Do/Be. We gotta have the nice car, trendy clothes, bigger home, latest iPhone (Steve Jobs genius!), vacations, etc. To have all these things we need to do whatever it is to pay for them. Then we can be the person we strive to be. Alas, we believe we have made it, but at what cost? The “Golden Handcuffs”. Need I say more?

Our rat race culture needs to change course. Time to throw it in reverse. Let’s approach life as Be/Do/Have. Be who you are meant to be. Your authentic self. Your most powerful self. Swirl around in your glory. Then do whatever is calling you. Share your gifts and purpose. Then have everything you need, want, desire and more. Your world is richer, more exciting and all yours.

We Are Here to live and learn. We Are Here to evolve and grow. We Are Here to find greater meaning in life. You spend more time Being you and I promise you the meaning of life will become crystal clear with consciousness like you’ve never seen before.

Ultimately, We Are Here to love. We Are Here to love the people in our life. We Are Here to self-love. Today I want to shout out my love! Thank you for showing up to read my blog and feel inspired. Stand here with me as we go on this journey to live, learn, laugh and love.

Life is beautiful.

Why Not You?

Superbowl Sunday XLVIII! Never have I been a part of something so exciting with my family on behalf of our beloved Emerald City. We hosted a party here with dear friends that included 12th Man cookies, horns, balloons, bubbly and disco ball, too. We were ready!

What makes this team so special? The Seattle Seahawks are the first NFL team to adopt a holistic, mindful approach to achieving success. Wellness and football unite! Last year, yoga was an optional activity. This year, due to its raging success, they decided it was a mandated workout for each and every player. Yoga! Additional wellness services for these athletes: sleep and nutrition experts, meditation room, organic meals, group visualizations and mantras, too. “Why Not Us?” got me thinking….

What would happen if you embraced the Seahawks approach in all facets of your life? Eat well. Move well. Then there is the biggest one of all Think Well. “Everyone in the facility, from coaches and players to personal assistants and valets, is expected to follow Carroll’s mantras regarding positivity of thought, words and actions.” Our pro players thoughtful approach in all they do clearly demonstrates well-being and success at its finest. World champs!

Why not be the best you can be? What is calling you right now to evolve and elevate? Ask yourself this million dollar question. Pause. Listen. What comes up? What do you notice? This is your mantra. Seek, embrace, repeat, believe. Something will shift. I promise.

Why Not You?

Read more:

You + Me = We

Welcome to Wellness Wednesdays! Time we establish a virtual ritual or two, so we can build on this beautiful blog in service to you.

Lately, my son is obsessed with math.  “Mom, what is 45+150?” or “What is 200+450?”  It got me thinking about this whole health thing and how it all adds up.

My magic formula as of late is simple. Simple, yet powerful. It looks like this You + Me = We.

Pure empowerment when it comes to your well-being is most important. Surrounding yourself with the right people to support your health and wellness goals is a close second. You + Me = We brings you what you need to flourish and have fun along the way.

Together on this day WE kick off the WE Campaign. Wellness Wednesdays are weekly posts that I promise you are never weird unless I simply need to go there that day. Think of pure inspiration and motivation to assist you in your evolution of personal growth and success.


Morning Ritual

Those first precious moments of the day set the tone for what’s to come. I’ve tried various rituals to get me going and the ones that stuck are sunrise yoga (2-3 times/week), meditation and lemon water.

Last year I took Nutrition Certification through Vera Whole Health and dove into the world of food. I will never forget my teacher, the amazing Jamie Hall, saying to us “if there is only one change you make I suggest it be lemon water first thing in the morning.”  Why is lemon water the holy grail?

There are many benefits and here are just a few: boosts immune system, supports digestion, reduces inflammation, great for your skin and energizes you. Suggested powerhouse additions: apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper or Cell Food supplement.

Apple cider vinegar is effective on so many levels it deserves its own post (be on the lookout!). Throw in cayenne pepper and kick start your daily detox.  Sometimes I add Cell Food with trace minerals, plant source amino acids and enzymes for that extra zing.

Drink with a straw if your teeth enamel is a concern, too. We don’t want to mess with those pearly whites.

Try it.  You’ll like it.  You’re welcome.

My Goal for 2014: Believe

Hello loved ones! Welcome to my blog and this post is most exciting for reasons that one, its the first and two, I am finally putting myself out in the world!

My journey has been one of ups and downs, twists and turns that have beautifully brought me full circle to where I am right now. In this moment. Bursting to come out and shine. This is the year I BELIEVE I am ready to bring forth my purpose and gifts to serve you in the world of wellness.  Giddy up!

For me, I BELIEVE we are put on this planet to evolve and grow elevating energetic vibration into something more light and bright.  High vibes people!  As we search for ways to do things more successfully while feeling better along the way I can promise you this world of wellness looks and means something different to each one of us.  Different and incredibly unique all the way down to the depths of our core.

For some, you BELIEVE you got this whole thang down and more power to you!  For the rest of us we feel stronger, more inspired, more ready for change when we collectively hold ourselves up.  Align yourself with those who are on the path of serious positive change and ba-bam!  You are suddenly moving mountains and manifesting serious mojo that you knew was burning inside ready to come alive.

Join me on this journey if any or all of this rings true for you.  Stick around and do nothing more than looky-loo if you simply wonder ‘now what is Jodi Arnold up to?’  Get ready…health and wellness like you’ve never seen before…this will be one helluva ride…yes, I do BELIEVE.