Sanity Savers

Holy hell are we Fired Up!?!  We have every right to be.  King Orange took over the highest seat in the land threatening our basic human rights or lack thereof, social justice and building a god damn wall (insisting they pay!).

Everywhere I go its mostly all we talk about. We are consumed. Who doesn’t miss social media pics of babies with puppies?  My fave post yesterday was a friend saying she misses when Facebook used to be “entertaining” which lead to a long thread of nothing but political posts.  One comment “Don’t ya love the political posts posted on your post about hating political posts?”

What scares me most is his lack of INTEGRITY.  His narcissistic nature and way of bullying – What Meryl Said.  It’s lacking in our leadership so time to bring it forth in ourselves with a vengeance. Stand up for our families, friends, marginalized communities with a unified voice not giving up until we know we have been heard. Speaking up for ourselves and our bodies. Need I say more?

Stress levels and anxiety are high.  People’s overall mood and spirits quite possibly at an all time low.   Tempting to reach for pills, the bottle or simply stare at screens for endless amount of hours.  No judgment if you do!  Here are a few sanity savers that might help you get through this tumultuous time…

Go out in nature.  Nature reminds us to pause and put into perspective what is most important in life.  If you live in Seattle just walk out your door and enjoy the views.  Step away from it all.  Talk with a therapist!  Just checked in with mine last week and she said this turmoil has them working over time.  Go see a body worker – if you are not exercising this stress out it just sits in your body.  Rolfing, massage, acupuncture, name your treatment and GO FOR IT.

Last but not least, totally free and available anytime, MEDITATE.  Sit in silence, observe your thoughts, breathe.  You will be amazed at how much your stress goes down. Numerous apps and resources, the benefits boundless, no better time than now. If that does not rock your boat and negative thoughts still run rampant try this simple, brilliant trick to turn your frown Upside Down.