one-on-one /

Achieving your health and wellness goals with support from a coach increases efficacy for long-term well-being. In other words, let’s stimulate, exhilarate and breathe new life into what you want.

Package of Sessions

Assist in building new habits, making them last, providing resources, accountability and anything else to make you shine.

• Initial assessment (60, 90 or 120 minute session)
• Weekly follow-up appointments (30 minute sessions)
• Bi-monthly emails

yoga teaching /

Whether its group classes or private sessions the benefits of physical asana and meditation are long lasting on and off the mat.

meditation /

Coming in 2019!  Meditation classes to calm the mind, ease the body and manage stress.  Class location TBD.

design /

Your home is an external manifestation of you.  Design psychology and mind/space connection is powerful especially when you use it with intention.

Does your space support your most powerful self?  Does your home bring joy?  Coaching in your home while providing a walk through assessment can be extremely effective when aligning yourself with the life you love.

speaking /

Speaking engagements for companies, non-profit organizations, and groups who seek clarity and motivation to achieve their health and wellness goals. This is pure inspiration to be your best with an audience of like-minded individuals.

With much curiosity these days about the preventive approach to well-being along with monumental policy like the Affordable Health Care Act it makes sense why the workplace is the future of health and wellness. Employee attendance at wellness seminars can lead to benefits and rewards that promote a more balanced, fulfilling and successful life.