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Morning Ritual

Those first precious moments of the day set the tone for what’s to come. I’ve tried various rituals to get me going and the ones that stuck are sunrise yoga (2-3 times/week), meditation and lemon water.

Last year I took Nutrition Certification through Vera Whole Health and dove into the world of food. I will never forget my teacher, the amazing Jamie Hall, saying to us “if there is only one change you make I suggest it be lemon water first thing in the morning.”  Why is lemon water the holy grail?

There are many benefits and here are just a few: boosts immune system, supports digestion, reduces inflammation, great for your skin and energizes you. Suggested powerhouse additions: apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper or Cell Food supplement.

Apple cider vinegar is effective on so many levels it deserves its own post (be on the lookout!). Throw in cayenne pepper and kick start your daily detox.  Sometimes I add Cell Food with trace minerals, plant source amino acids and enzymes for that extra zing.

Drink with a straw if your teeth enamel is a concern, too. We don’t want to mess with those pearly whites.

Try it.  You’ll like it.  You’re welcome.