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B-fast of Champions

We’ve heard a million times that breakfast is the most important meal. It kick starts the metabolism and boosts our energy, but let me ask if what you eat first thing in the morning is blowing your mind?  I’m talking true kung fu in a bowl that’s bam-shazam delicious.

Ever since I discovered kale my whole world has turn upside down. For reals. We might munch on kale chips, sauté in our stir fry, but why not start the day with our super-food-friend who never lets us down? When I first devoured this dish I’m gonna share with you my body was tingling with joy, my mind was sharp as a knife and my attitude was ready to take on the world. Hai-ya!

Huge props to well-known nutritionist in town, Cynthia Lair, for this recipe. If you don’t know her start following after this post. Warning: her website is kinda cheesy. Nevertheless, she knows her stuff and loves to play, so let her have some fun. The title of this dish is nerdy, too, but once you taste it you won’t care what it’s called. Be Bop what?

More posts coming on creative breakfast ideas that don’t include sugar. I’ve learned if I don’t start with sugar I tend to crave it less throughout the day. Ta da!

Check it out:  BE Bop Breakfast