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I Can’t Do It All

Damn this is a big blow to my EGO.  It feels great to admit although tough to swallow the pill of vulnerability.  You see for so long I found my mojo in everything I accomplished in my personal and professional lives.  I was the queen of getting-it-done then found my world turned upside down once motherhood became my reality.  Let’s get real here people.

Admittedly, I blamed being a mom for not being so productive.  LOVE my kids more than life itself don’t get me wrong, yet motherhood took my identity I was attached to and turned it on its head. No career now what?!  You can call it an identity crisis and now looking back I can’t imagine my life any other way.

When I began this journey I thought I would have everything figured out, dialed in domestically, but I realize now that is a big f-ing lie.  The fact that I feel empowered as a mother to talk openly about our stereotypical expectations is evolution.  Self-care as one of my top priorities is progress.  Engaging with positive, thoughtful, loving parents day in/day out is paramount to me and my family’s well being.  Living with INTENTION a must.

Yet, I struggle even when I put forth so much effort because I want the best for my family as we all do. Knowing my limits I’ve got work to do.  I still sacrifice myself to take care of everyone else.  Often I need to LET GO.  Not everything will be perfect, not everything will be complete.  Sometimes I need to simply remind myself I do a good job.  It might not always be great, but good is good enough.