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I Love You(stress)

Yes, I love you! What I don’t love is stress unless it’s EUSTRESS. Euphoria meet stress. Stress meet euphoria. Bring these two together and we’ve got big, blazing, beautiful Eustress.

So why Eustress? What makes it so important?  Feelings of depression disappear with focused energy. Lack of meaning in life turns to fulfillment. Average results explode into peak performance. We’re talking turn on, full on engagement with this one precious thing called LIFE.

Do you feel energized and excitement on a regular basis?  I’m talking more then just the next episode of House of Cards (so good!) or checking your feeds to see how many likes/retweets from your latest post. What I’m talking about are those butterflies. Those nerves that make your heart skip a beat. The fire in your belly ‘cuz something greater is pulling you in a direction of your fullest expression of living.  Your most successful life. Tap into these feelings and you know you’re on the right track.

My inspiration to write about the one and only Ms. Eustress comes from humility and gratitude for the busy-ness since launching S + S. Opportunities are flowing, change is brewing and growth oh beautiful growth you keep me on my toes, too. My intention will be to keep Me and Ms. E great pals, loyal partners, walking hand in hand down this road we call LIFE.