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My entire adult life has been full of doing this/doing that, going here/going there with the underlying subconscious goal to make me feel fulfilled and important. At the end of the day though it was making me feel exhausted and unsatisfied. It felt like I was constantly living outside of myself. WTF?

We call this FOMO: Fear of Missing Out. Many of us suffer from it and now with social media FOMO is on fire. We suffer because we believe we are not enough. We run around in life chasing whatever it maybe to fill the void making us feel we are somebody. Making us feel like we are enough.

Mindfulness is the easiest, cheapest, most amazing way to fill the void. No Mo FOMO!  Think of mindfulness as a way of BEING and PAYING ATTENTION. It truly is that simple. What is most beautiful about this practice is you pay attention in the present moment WITHOUT JUDGMENT. Zero. Zilch. Nada negative. Anything about anyone. Even you.

Check in with yourself periodically throughout the day. Sadness? Maybe. Gratitude? Yep! Envy? Ok fine. We could go on and on. With open arms we welcome it all. Ultimately, mindfulness brings more peace, patience, understanding and joy. Your inner self finds its voice. Finally, he or she can be heard. Holla!

Mindfulness only takes a few minutes a day to practice. Three quick steps: Stop. Breathe. Observe. You can be mindful in your shower, brushing your teeth, washing the dishes, listening to your favorite tunes, etc. It doesn’t have to be formal and traditional with you in lotus pose, burning a candle, chanting to the hindu gods. You don’t even need to be religious or spiritual. Did I mention how amazing it is for stress?

Use your mind in an intentional way and experience life as it unfolds into more conscious living.  Experience a more richer, fuller expression of yourself. One thing to keep in mind the more you do it the more your mind will crave the practice. Guarantee.

Stop. Breathe. Observe.