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Why We Are Here

With a title like this you maybe thinking is Jodi going extreme getting all religious? Not a chance. What I will do is tap into something that belongs to each and every one of us. Something so unique and rare that only one exists in this entire world. Your Soul. Your Being. One and only You.

Our lives are consumed as humans: learning, growing, striving, stressing, comparing, numbing, pushing, pulling and any other -ing you can think of. These stem from what some call the monkey mind. Others refer to it as ego. I simply believe it is being human. As a society, this is what we do. For many this is all we know.

The incredible teachers at Vera Whole Health who certified me in Wellness Coaching taught us an eye-opening concept. Modern human existence has been based on Have/Do/Be. We gotta have the nice car, trendy clothes, bigger home, latest iPhone (Steve Jobs genius!), vacations, etc. To have all these things we need to do whatever it is to pay for them. Then we can be the person we strive to be. Alas, we believe we have made it, but at what cost? The “Golden Handcuffs”. Need I say more?

Our rat race culture needs to change course. Time to throw it in reverse. Let’s approach life as Be/Do/Have. Be who you are meant to be. Your authentic self. Your most powerful self. Swirl around in your glory. Then do whatever is calling you. Share your gifts and purpose. Then have everything you need, want, desire and more. Your world is richer, more exciting and all yours.

We Are Here to live and learn. We Are Here to evolve and grow. We Are Here to find greater meaning in life. You spend more time Being you and I promise you the meaning of life will become crystal clear with consciousness like you’ve never seen before.

Ultimately, We Are Here to love. We Are Here to love the people in our life. We Are Here to self-love. Today I want to shout out my love! Thank you for showing up to read my blog and feel inspired. Stand here with me as we go on this journey to live, learn, laugh and love.

Life is beautiful.