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Why Not You?

Superbowl Sunday XLVIII! Never have I been a part of something so exciting with my family on behalf of our beloved Emerald City. We hosted a party here with dear friends that included 12th Man cookies, horns, balloons, bubbly and disco ball, too. We were ready!

What makes this team so special? The Seattle Seahawks are the first NFL team to adopt a holistic, mindful approach to achieving success. Wellness and football unite! Last year, yoga was an optional activity. This year, due to its raging success, they decided it was a mandated workout for each and every player. Yoga! Additional wellness services for these athletes: sleep and nutrition experts, meditation room, organic meals, group visualizations and mantras, too. “Why Not Us?” got me thinking….

What would happen if you embraced the Seahawks approach in all facets of your life? Eat well. Move well. Then there is the biggest one of all Think Well. “Everyone in the facility, from coaches and players to personal assistants and valets, is expected to follow Carroll’s mantras regarding positivity of thought, words and actions.” Our pro players thoughtful approach in all they do clearly demonstrates well-being and success at its finest. World champs!

Why not be the best you can be? What is calling you right now to evolve and elevate? Ask yourself this million dollar question. Pause. Listen. What comes up? What do you notice? This is your mantra. Seek, embrace, repeat, believe. Something will shift. I promise.

Why Not You?

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